Q&A approaches fees based on the needs of the student and the scope of the work that will be done. We prefer to start with students as early as possible in the Freshman year so that we can lay a strong foundation. Our counseling packages are tiered based on the age of students with the bulk of the work being done in Junior and Senior years. We do offer an hourly rate for the rare student that might need some guidance on a specific portion of the process but generally our comprehensive packages have the most value and are therefore the most popular. We also recognize that this can be a strain on families and so we are happy to discuss staggered payment plans that work for everyone. Don't hesitate to call us to discuss. : )

College Admissions and college counseling Expertise

Q&A is dedicated to providing the highest quality college counseling and academic support services. We make recommendations regarding our preferred providers for honing special interests, receiving support in their academic courses, and other learning issues. 

Q&A has more than 35 years of experience in college admissions, from both the high school counseling and college admission sides. Our expertise and knowledge is extensive; we help match students with colleges that fit their strengths and goals. We work with students who are first-year applicants as well as transfer students. 

We work in-person, online, remotely and through our week long intensive summer Boot Camps. We offer the following services:

A Plan for Academic and College Admissions Success

1. Academic success takes planning, and laying the foundation for the years to come is critical. The classes that students choose to take in middle school will pave the way for high school. Additionally, this is also the time for students to begin exploring their passions and making the most of activities, accomplishments, interests, summer opportunities, and talents. 

2.Q&A can help advise your students, encourage them in their pursuits, and get them excited about the future! Q&A makes recommendations on using our preferred providers for special interests, academic courses, and other learning issues.

3. Extensive College Search/Selection Process Guidance. Matching a student to the college where they will thrive is our most important job. We have visited over 400 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and New Zealand. Q&A will help steer students towards institutions where they’ll hone their potential and success.

4. Strategic College Admissions Process Insight. As independent college counselors we share our behind-the-scenes knowledge of what it takes to get into college and to maximize a student’s best chance of getting in.

 Standardized Testing Strategies

Q&A helps your students create an appropriate testing plan and calendar to best position them for success. Testing can feel complicated and confusing. Let Q&A help you sort it all out based on the timing and content of your curriculum.

College Financing & Scholarship EXPERTISE

Paying for college can be stressful. Q&A provides resources and experts to help you make smart financial decisions. We can also assist you with FAFSA and CSS Profile Forms as well as the process and art of applying for other outside scholarships.


Q&A will also guide and communicate with parents during what can be a very stressful nerve-wracking time. We will share strategies, and techniques through Q&A newsletters, reminders and techniques for avoiding power struggles at home and helping to make this journey as fun and exciting as it can be be with your student.


We help students who are interested in specialized areas such as:

  • Performing Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • STEM Majors and Computer Fields
  • Pre-Health and Pre-Med
  • Business and Finance
  • Learning Disabilities

College application essay support

Too often the importance of the essay and supplemental questions are overlooked. We offer advice and support on how to make them effective, meaningful and engaging for admission officers who will read thousands each year.  

College visit and interview prep

Q&A keeps students and parents informed by alerting them about college high school visits, college open houses, regional info sessions, interviews, and how to make the most of visiting colleges and universities as preparing them for the college interview.  

A PLAN FOR Academic Success

Academic success takes planning, and laying the foundation for the years to come is critical. The classes students take in middle school will pave the way for high school. This is also the time for students to begin exploring their passions and make the most of summer opportunities. Q&A helps advise students, encourages them in their pursuits, and gets them excited about the future! We make recommendations on using our preferred providers for special interests, academic courses, and other learning issues.

Expert College Application Assistance

Q&A students are given a specific road map with expert advice and will be supported to meet all major milestones throughout the college admissions process, from choosing the ideal curriculum to planning extra- curricular activities, achievement inventories and summer experiences, to creating the college list to fit their goals and accomplishments. Through either individual support or Q&A’s College Admissions Boot Camps we expertly support you as you apply to college.


Vince and Caryl each worked with my two daughters. Their knowledge of the college landscape, their ability to really listen to my daughters and help them successfully navigate this sometimes complicated process made them feel confident and prepared. Both attended their top choice schools and each of them felt their college experiences were a perfect match for their interests and skills. Most importantly, they helped us all enjoy their senior years in high school when it seemed like so many were stressed out and caught in power struggles at home. It was great knowing that I could relax and be supportive without having to worry about every little deadline. I knew my girls were getting the best college guidance there is.
— Parent, Studio City, CA University of Miami, Parsons
Caryl helped make the process of applying to colleges less intimidating and gave us the confidence to step back and let our daughters independently own the process. We were thrilled with their outcomes and the choices they made.
— Parent, Toluca Lake, CA, Emerson College
I just wanted to thank you for your enormous help in the application process. I am incredibly appreciative for the tips and advice you gave me, and even more so for the time you spent reading and revising all of my essays and applications. Not to mention the moral support. You helped me to feel calm and confident in this process that can be very challenging at times. I simply don’t know what I would have done without your help!
— Senior Class 2015, Colorado, University of Chicago

Q&A serves The Conejo Valley, The San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles Metropolitan area as well as students in boarding schools throughout the US and Internationally.

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